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kite in egypt

Treat yourself to a week of action-packed relaxation on a yacht from our Bigdayz fleet. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and discover the islands and atolls of the Red Sea. From bed to board is more than wishful thinking with us - with us you practically fall from the bunk straight onto the board.

All-round carefree package with BIGDAYZ

Experience kitesurfing more intensively.

We adapt the trip to your ideas and coordinate the details in advance. From Hurghada airport, we'll get you to your destination without any hassle; without a tour bus, but with just the two of us. In the vicinity of the Hurghada Marina there are bars and shops for last minute errands. Everything is available on board our kite yachts. All you really need to bring is clothes and sunscreen (we recommend a poncho). Our boats offer maximum comfort, without any rocking. Ample shaded decks and air-conditioned chill-outs will keep you cool even in the sweltering Sahara heat. You can enjoy the spectacular panorama from anywhere.

But sufficient privacy is also provided. As a place of retreat, a spacious and lockable cabin with air conditioning, toilet and a heavenly bed awaits you, where you can safely laze around and "sleep in" if you gazed at the starry sky for too long the previous night :-) On the wind-protected side of the islands we spend the night in calm waters. Away from the boat, reefs await you for snorkelling, swimming or easy dives. Lagoons invite you to explore on a stand-up paddle. Our offer is complemented by other sports and wellness programmes, such as our yoga sessions and massages on board. We make sure you want for nothing on your kite trip. After all, we want you to come back next year.

Kite Trips in El Gouna from March to November

Bigdayz Kite & Boat Trips Dates

We sail almost 10 months a year on a weekly basis. Whether single bookings, couples, small groups or private charters - with us, everyone gets on the water. Find the right date below or start an individual and non-binding enquiry for your desired date and programme.

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Kite season

In Egypt, wind conditions are consistently good from March to November, with average wind speeds of 10-20 knots .

Kite sizes

We fly the whole range from 4-15 square metres, depending on rider requirements and wind strength. On the windiest days we occasionally unpack even smaller material.

Kite experience

The BIGDAYZ Kite & Boat trips are suitable for sports enthusiasts at all levels: from beginner, intermediate to pro .

Hurghada Airport

The kite adventure starts before you arrive. You will be briefed in advance and receive the most important information before you arrive in Hurghada. After landing, you will be picked up by us personally.

Transfer service

(Air-conditioned) minibuses will take you from the airport to the ship and back. We also organise the other transfers on the day of arrival and departure.

Safe escort

Our trained and experienced guides, instructors and support staff give you their full attention. We guarantee the highest level of safety and service.

Luxury yachts for the kite trip

Bigdayz fleet

We have been running our Kite & Boat trips for over 12 years and still with the same passion. Our perfectionism is reflected in the management of the boats. Our customers benefit from this attention to detail. What is missing on the boats in terms of auxiliary equipment, we bring ourselves. We leave from Hurghada and cruise along the coast up to El Gouna through the Red Sea from one island to the next. Our boats have enough horsepower. Despite their size, they bring us quickly to the right spot.

This way we get to see some islands and reefs during the kite trip; depending on where the wind takes us and the best conditions await us. The Bigdayz crew can call themselves "conquerors" for some secret spots. We plan routes based on experience and adjust them using the most reliable weather forecasts, so that we are guaranteed to be where the wind is most favourable. A week full of adrenaline and unforgettable experiences is almost guaranteed. Periods of no wind or even calm are a rarity in this region. Overall, this part of the Red Sea is one of the most wind-safe areas in the world. Away from the water, a fantastic yacht with space to relax awaits you. We would like to emphasise our price-performance ratio. Luxury sports holidays in this price category are hard to find elsewhere.

basic package and additional services

This is what you can expect.

The basic package actually includes everything a kiter's heart desires. Guests are welcome to take advantage of our additional services. These are optional and listed below.

Included in the basic package

  • Airport transfers (arrival/departure day)
  • Room: Bed in the double cabin
  • Boat guide and dive/kite guide
  • 3x buffet, pastries and snacks, water/soft drinks
  • Beach Service, Launch/Landing & Rescue
  • Shared photos & videos Β 
  • Up-/Downwinder to Sweet Spots
  • Riding tips from the kite pros/guides
  • Trained and courteous crew
  • Personal service (before/during boat trips)
  • Professional spot and safety instructions
  • Snorkelling & Bathing
  • With a bit of luck: dolphin swimming

Optional additional services
(at extra cost)

  • Single cabin
  • Kite equipment from the current rental pool of providers such as Ozone, ION and other partners
  • Kite lessons and individual coaching/ freestyle lessons
  • Alcoholic beverages Β 
  • Diving courses/ diving with guide/diving instructor on request - Open Water Dive licence possible
  • Kitesurfing photo and video shoots, drone footage
  • Massages and more
  • Yoga Sessions

More extras

  • Flights and visas (Hurghada, Egypt)
  • Environmental levy (60-80€)
  • Crew Tips (customary tip in Egypt) 50€/guest
Price overview

Kite & Boat Trip Price Overview

Package includes 6-7 days kitesurfing / 7 nights* on the boat. All offers are per person and include:

  • One bed in lockable double cabin with shower, WC, Air-Con and wardrobe.
  • All-inclusive with buffet at breakfast, lunch, then snacks in the afternoon, dinner later.
  • All soft drinks (Cola, Fanta and others) as well as fresh juices and of course drinking water
  • Airport taxi service from Hurghada Airport (extra transfers at extra cost)
  • Boat Guide, Diving Guide, Snorkelling Equipment, Wakeboarding, Wingfoil, Funtoys/Towables, SUP
  • Storage and transport of equipment/luggage, incl. BigDayz beach service: kite support (in lagoon), launch/landing, rescue

Yacht stay

Prices per person (incl. taxes)

Β Β 

Junior/Master Suites

Single room supplement

Child in bunk (-7 years)

Child in bunk (-12 years)

Third adult

Extra Service (VIP)

Setup, assembly and disassembly of the private kite equipment you brought with you (already included for renters/students with equipment rental).

Standard room

(bed in cabin, separate beds, shower/WC, air conditioning)



€ 625

€ 500

€ 700

€ 1200


Standard Suite

(Large double bed, shower/WC, air conditioning)



€ 775

€ 700

€ 900

€ 1400


Rent kitematerial

We always have new material and something for every taste.

Kite & Bar


Kite, Bar & Board

Foil / Surfboard



Wing & SUP Board

Up to 2 hours (session)

Borrow something spontaneously from our material pool

€ 50

€ 25

Whole week only

€ 30

Whole week only

Whole week only

€ 50

1 week Kite & Boat Trip

Secure your equipment for the kite trip

€ 350

€ 120

€ 420

only temporarily

€ 80

€ 20

only temporarily

Kite lessons

Courses for beginners, advanced & professionals

Private lesson 1 hour

Block package 1 day
(full day tuition/equipment)

Kite course whole week
(unlimited lessons/equipment)

Shadowing 1 hour

Foil Kiting 2 hours

Pro-Lesson (Video) 1 hour

Blocks or whole week

Our kite instructors are certified kite instructors and
will make sure you glide over the water.

€ 100

€ 200

€ 950

€ 60

€ 180

€ 120


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that is why we are different

We live kiteboarding, we wrote the history of this sport and we are still writing it, that's how much our sport is growing even though it is so young. Not many event operators can boast 20 years of experience in Egypt. You can feel that and it benefits our customers. In the end, experience and routine make the difference when working with the elements. We advise immediately and directly via Whatsapp, email, phone and if we are on site, also via Facetime or internet phone.

learn more about bigdayz
All-round carefree package with BIGDAYZ and the office team

We have about 15-20 guests a week who are looked after by us. The feel-good factor is our top priority. It starts with the online enquiry and flows into the personal consultation, usually ending with a meeting later in the winter for snowkiting. It's important to us to build a bond with our customers and we don't want to bore anyone with office work. That's why we have developed an uncomplicated system for you: Send an enquiry!

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no pumping or packing, only kiting in small groups

The idea was born from an emergency solution. In the Red Sea, there are many dream spots away from land - with our unique technique, we easily set up kites in standing areas on the water. How, you ask? It's best to see for yourself! Just one of our many strengths. We have the girl- and manpower to get you on the water quickly and safely. This philosophy has literally taken us to new shores, where we have conquered new beaches together with our guests and experienced unforgettable moments.

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fantastic boats FOR sports activities

We don't necessarily want to reveal our secret recipe to everyone. If you have an urgent question about our kite & boat trips, please feel free to contact us directly. One of the convincing arguments that makes our offer better than other kitesport & travel providers, are our huge boats. incredible crew of 10 and the passion they bring to each sport. Our yachts are particularly suited to diving and some have been purpose built for it. The Egyptian Riviera offers a breathtaking ambience for this. In addition to kitesurfing and diving, enjoy our wide range of sports activities of all kinds. Our service crew is at your service. They, the boat crew and our boat managers read your every wish from your lips.

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Shallow water, shallow water, waves

Our intuition was matched with the nature of the Red Sea - we find the ideal conditions for our group like trackers. This year we also got to take a wave spot for ourselves - the first ever big wave spot in the area. Shoals and flat water are everywhere here, so you'll never want to go home at the end.

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Quantity is a luxury when quality is so high - on our Kite & Boat trips, night becomes day. For sports fanatics instead of party animals. With us, even a night breeze is occasionally taken advantage of. The sun rises very early in Egypt and unfortunately sets correspondingly earlier - that's why our motto is "the early bird flies well over the water, the late bird gets it. "or something like that! It often happened that we added a 5th session. Full moon nights are particularly suitable for this, when there is enough light.

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Kite & Boat Trips and Kite Clubs in Egypt

We always recommend adding a few days before as well as after the epic kite trip. Especially as the flying becomes more and more exhausting. A kite trip of this kind is usually more intensive than a week in a hotel and kite station. Overwhelming impressions have to be processed, so it is worth planning a few more days of holiday. These can be spent in El Gouna or Soma Bay. Cultural sights are usually a stone's throw away.

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BIgdayz DAILY Kite Business

With us, kite-hungry people are guaranteed to get their money's worth. From bed to board, more directly than anywhere else - hop from the cabin straight onto the board. Kitesurfing without limits from sunrise to sunset. An intensive kite experience for all levels: Shallow water. Flat water. Waves. Terrain for experimentation - go wild everywhere!

5:00 AM
Wash down some fruit and cake with coffee or tea before heading out for the first session.... Sometimes before sunrise! For those who welcome the sun, a yoga session is on the agenda. Like the baboons of Thoth, but without the screaming.
8:30 AM
Short break, breakfast buffet / Here we gather our strength again. Our focus is on making the best possible use of the day and the wind conditions. So we don't spend much time brunching.
9:30 AM
Kite session take two for the early birds at the spot or 1st session for the night owls aka late risers. :-)
12:30 PM
For those who need sleep the most, it may also be later. As a rule, the wind doesn't let you down. We keep the lunch buffet ready, with light and wholesome food or more sumptuous, if you prefer.
13:30 PM
Depending on the 2nd or 3rd kite session of the day or afternoon nap. The sun is at its peak. Connoisseurs sleep quite well here or relax in the shade if they are not out on the water. For daredevils on board, there are various spots on the boat from which you can jump into the water. (Depending on the boat 7-10m high)
15:30 PM
The exhausted take a break. The insatiable kite through. Sometimes the day decides which one we belong to. Sometimes it's the body or the mind that listens to the former.
4:30 PM
Last kite session of today - but who knows how long? As I said - it's never wrong to listen to your body. Otherwise you'll end up being one of those who only show up for the 3rd kite session the next day. That will turn into a vicious circle!
19:00 PM
Apero or yoga? If you have a choice, you're spoilt for choice. In this case, it's both. Our wellness experts are happy to help you relax: if you wish, you can have a 30 or 60-minute sports massage, foot massage, facial massage, pedicure or manicure. Our yoga instructors offer various forms of yoga; in the morning there is usually a warm-up or power yoga, in the evening relaxation yoga and breathing techniques (pranayama etc.).
Enjoy the evening
In the evening, the experiences of the day are reviewed and relived on the screen, on mobile phones or in joint conversations - our kite instructors like to form "theory groups". But advanced kiteboarders should also be able to find what they are looking for. Have you seen a trick or manoeuvre that you would like to learn? It's best to plan it over a drink.
Request Exclusive and Private or Semi-Private Kite & Boat Trips

You bring your own group? no problem!

You want to organise your own kite trip on a yacht for your family, friends or company? With our many years of experience in kitesports and a huge network of competent partners, we plan everything for you down to the smallest detail. So that your boat trip will be an experience of a lifetime!

uncomplicated. digital & personal.

booking procedure

Booking with Bigdayz is easy as pie. Initiate your kite trip in 3 simple steps: Enquiries / Booking & Partial Payment / Checkin & Anticipation (anticipation is a natural side effect).

You are welcome to make us an offer first in the 2nd step. We will then discuss the details so that in the end it is right for everyone. We are convinced that our offer is the best value for money. If you have nevertheless seen a cheaper and, in your opinion, better offer, we can compare them with each other in a comparison. We are transparent and openly argue why our prices are justified and absolutely unbeatable in the sports and luxury segment.

Non-binding request

Select your preferred dates in the form and give us the necessary information (name, e-mail, etc.) so that we can make you a non-binding offer. Returning guests often book directly, as do referred guests - if you are a first-time guest, we recommend a phone call or WhatsApp call with the boss himself (KOP).

Booking & Deposit

With your consent, you will receive a link to the booking form. Give us your contact details and choose courses, rentals and other services from our programme. After confirmation, we will send you an invoice for the deposit by email. You can pay this directly online by credit card or bank transfer.

Preparation & Check-In

Anticipation reigns (a natural side effect)! After the deposit has been paid, you will receive a comprehensive check-in form. In this step, give us information about your specific wishes and ideas regarding your kite & boat trip; previous kitesurfing experience, if you have any; details about the kite equipment you will be bringing with you and anything else you might need. We will send you useful tips for preparation and info mails as well as a Whatsapp group chat about the kite trip at specific intervals, including wind and weather forecasts. Before it's finally showtime!

Book flights, extend holidays!?

We recommend booking flights as early as possible. We are happy to help you find the best flight option. We compare offers and see how you can get cheap extensions that can save you money on the airfare. The money is better invested in additional days at the Red Sea or at the sights of Egypt - the land of the pharaohs.

Off on the Kite & Boat Trip

We wish you a good flight.

Have you already found your flight? Otherwise, search here or contact us and we will advise you directly. A little tip in advance: For flights to Egypt from Switzerland, we recommend the airline Edelweiss (free surf luggage!).