General terms and conditions


General notes

BigDayz services are subject to weather conditions and equipment availability. The price list is in Euro and can be changed by us at any time. All prices include all taxes - except surcharges for credit card payments on site.

Booked services can be cancelled at the respective station by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours. The following conditions apply to cancellations on your part.

Terms of payment

Reservation is valid after receiving the deposit (reservation invoice) unless otherwise discussed by email and confirmed by BIGDAYZ. The balance is to be paid on arrival in cash in EURO, if the balance is not paid before the start of the service, 5-10% handling fee / credit card fee will be charged on the outstanding amount.

Cancellation conditions

In the event of any cancellation, whether justified or not, or in the event of no-show, the following conditions and refunds will apply to the full amount of the booking:

  • 60% will be charged in case of cancellation, after advance payment of the invoice until the 61st day before the arrival date.
  • 30% refund for cancellation between the 60th and 30th day before arrival.
  • 10% refund for cancellation between the 29th and 8th day before arrival.
  • 0% refund for cancellation from the 7th day before arrival

Registration and termination of the contract

A course participant must be in good health. He/she must be able to swim unassisted for at least 30 minutes. The kitesurfing / windsurfing instructor may suspend a student from the course if he/she behaves dangerously or disrupts the course. In this case, BigDayz or their partners will not reimburse any costs.


BigDayz accepts no responsibility for property damage or personal injury of any kind. No responsibility is accepted for loss, damage, theft or vandalism. This regulation also applies to the storage and transport of guest equipment.

Safety rules

The service recipient must follow all instructions given by the employees of BigDayz and its partners and their employees, provided that no other person is injured or irregular actions are requested. He / she must respect the international right of way. Any kind of water sports is not allowed in the bathing area and in harbour entrances.

Every kite / windsurfer must keep a safe distance of at least 50 metres from others, especially beginners. Jumping with a kite at a distance of 50 metres or less from the beach is prohibited. The lifeboat only operates in deep water outside the reefs. Violations of these rules entitle BigDayz and its partners to terminate this contract without any right to refund.


Normalerweise beginnt eine Kite- / Windsurfstunde am ersten gebuchten Tag zwischen 08.45 – 15.30 Uhr. Wenn der praktische Teil des Kurses aufgrund von zu viel (> 35 knoten) oder zuwenig (< 8 knoten) bzw. unzuverlässigem und böigem Wind nicht stattfinden kann, wird der Kurs zunächst verschoben, oder wenn dies nicht möglich ist, wird er durch ein Gutschein ersetzt mit dem Restwert der Leistung. BigDayz und seine Partner sind nicht verpflichtet, die Kursgebühr zu erstatten, wenn ein Kunde den Kurs aus persönlichen Gründen beenden möchte.

COVID - Situation (cancellation and protection concept)

Unfortunately, the Corona situation has put us in a pretty tight spot. We have developed a corona protection concept and would like to offer the best possible protection for you and of course our crew. For the return journey, we will organise the necessary PCR tests (self-tests) and provide you with the document before your departure, provided you are with us until the last day.

Cancellations due to Corona are NOT covered 100% for the kite safaris. We hope that you have taken out the necessary cancellation insurance. Please contact us directly in this regard so that the deposit/demand from us to you is clear. We require a 20% deposit for all services, this will be charged in any case. A further 30-80% of the invoice amount would be due if you have a positive PCR test 72 hours before entry and are NOT allowed to enter the country. If Egypt should be on the "red list", only the deposit remains with us and we postpone your trip.

Kitesafaris (Cancellation - by Bigdayz)

Due to the current travel situation, many bookings are very short term and we take a very big risk with the reservations of our charter boats. Therefore, the following regulation applies:

  • Falcon "luxury" class: min. 12 people must "participate" to make the trip.
  • lower classes: at least 10 people must "participate" to make the trip.

Alternatively, all guests will be invited for upgrades (room class or single occupancy) to minimise the loss to Bigdayz. However, Bigdayz still reserves the right to cancel the safari.

An alternative is to participate in a "Windchaser Camp" in El Gouna/Soma Bay. For more information, please contact the head office directly on +41 79 370 63 67 or by email

Charter boats (cancellation, force major)

If a boat chartered by Bigdayz, before the date or during the cruise, suffers damage, sinks or cannot be further used due to a legal situation of the owner, Bigdayz is not liable - the charter itself must be held liable for the replacement and any recoveries.


The hirer is obliged to return rental items 30 minutes before the seasonal closing time of the station. If the hirer is unable to handle the rental items, BigDayz and its partners will refuse the rental. The Hirer may withdraw from the contract and retain the rent. The renter is liable for self-inflicted damages and has to pay for them himself on site. When returning the equipment, he/she must report any damage. The employees of BigDayz and its partners regularly take care of the proper and safe condition of the rental equipment. However, the renter is obliged to check the rental equipment thoroughly before each use.

Severability clause

If any provision of these Policies and Rules or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other provision or application of these Policies and Rules which may be given effect without and to the invalid provision or application End of the provisions of these Policies and Rules are severable.

Last update: 01.07.2022

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