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Snowkiting on the Bernina Pass

Visit us on the Bernina Pass and learn to snowkite or experience a guided backcountry kite tour in a team.

All-round carefree package with BIGDAYZ

Snowkiting with the local "kop" and family

The name Bigdayz comes from snowkiting, back in the year "zero" (2000) when KOP was out in the snow for the first winter! Snowkiting is less "dangerous", easier to learn and has many more facets than kitesurfing will ever have. No winter went by without "KOP" on the Bernina Pass, first as an enthusiast then as a kite instructor and motivator for his students. After more than 20 years, he has now also created some infrastructure for the Bernina Pass. A small container station with seats, solar panels that power a measuring station and a webcam, a toilet and some information on how the spot can/should be used. There are daily courses and now you can also simply rent a kite!

Snowkite season

In the Engadine, snow falls in November and sometimes the conditions last until the end of April. There is no place in Europe where sun, wind and snow interact as perfectly as on the Bernina Pass!

Kite sizes

We fly everything from 4-13 square metres. Training takes place with Flysurfer Peak4 & 5 (ideal and safe) and we also have tubes and ozone mats for advanced learners.

Kite experience

Everyone is welcome at BIGDAYZ in the Engadine, from beginners to professionals, children or retired people . Thanks to the Homebase, spectators also have some space!

Zurich Airport

If you are arriving by plane, we will be happy to help you from A to Z with your entry, onward travel by train, car rental (if desired). Your snowkiting holidays start before you arrive, we inform you, keep you informed and pick you up at the airport if necessary.

Rental Service

If you need ski/snowboard equipment, we will help you, advise you, organise the right equipment for snowkiting and all other possible sports you can do in and around the Engadine.

Safe escort

Our courses and tours are accompanied by radios and based on many years of local knowledge of weather, wind and snow.

stay informed & come by

Weather station

We have installed a weather station so that you can keep up to date.

basic package and additional services

What is on offer?

Once you start the request, you will be fully informed via email/Whatsapp or similar apps about the process, what you should bring and how much it will cost.

Training & Courses

  • Advice and mediation before arrival
  • Trainings for beginners and advanced
  • Spot instructions

Best KnowHow

  • Advice for purchase of snowkite (Occ.)
  • Many stories about "the Bernina

Services available daily

  • Guest area with seating
  • Toi Toi and Parking
  • Music system
  • Wind/weather measuring station, webcam
  • Trained and courteous crew
  • Snowshoes for Hike&Kite sessions

More options

  • Snowkite tours
  • Uphill/downhill, flying with snowkite/tube kite
  • Hike & Kite Tours
  • Trips to Lunghin
  • Tube Kite Training
  • Photo & Video Sessions
  • Powder sessions with the kite
  • Special services on request

Other extras

  • Flights and visas (Milan, Zurich)
  • Taxi service for students on request
  • Weatherman tips :-)
Price overview

Snowkite Trainings

We offer something for everyone. For newcomers we recommend a 2-3 day course and for those who have already tried or come from the water there is a shortened "transition course":

  • Preparation of equipment (via email/whatsapp - info)
  • Mobile snowkiting school with main location Bernina Pass (70% north wind in winter), alternative Silvaplana / Furtschellas
  • Training in small groups (max. 4 students/teachers) with radios
  • Transition training for kitesurfers from the water
  • In case of low wind the training takes place in higher areas, Hike & Snowkite Tour

Beginner/beginner training (day blocks)

Prices per person


Day 2 - following day

Day 3 - following day

Backcountry option

Group offers on request (-20 persons)

First day (beginner)

(Theory, material knowledge, flight exercises, first driving tests, free driving, radio support)

CHF 250

CHF 120-180

CHF 80-120

CHF from 300 (min. 3 pers.)

from 220 CHF/pers.

First day (changeover)

(theory, set-up/packing techniques, tips & tricks, radio support)

CHF 150

CHF 100-120

CHF 80-100

CHF from 300 (min. 3 pers.)

from 130 CHF/pers.

Rent kitematerial

We always have new material

Kite & Bar

Kite & Bar (Package)

Harness, Kite & Bar





Up to 2 hours (session)

Borrow something spontaneously from our pool

CHF 50

Daily rental only

CHF 90

on request

on request

on request

CHF 50

Daily rent

Secure your material for the day (registration!)

CHF 80

CHF 100/pers.

CHF 120

on request

CHF 10

CHF 20

CHF 80


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