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Kitesurfing Soma Bay & El Gouna

As long-time, now independent specialists for Soma Bay and El Gouna, we are happy to advise you for your time before/after the kitesafaris at these two very different destinations!

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Soma Bay or El Gouna - 5* Hotels or rather something more(h)er?

Marco flew to El Gouna in 2003 as a tourist to take a week's "time out". His plan at the time was actually to quit as a kite instructor and to consider a career as a kite professional. But El Gouna and the Red Sea convinced him to start again as a kite instructor with BIGDAYZ. Shortly afterwards he became active and since then not a year has gone by without BIGDAYZ in Egypt - today he is one of the most experienced and active kite schools worldwide.

In autumn 2005 when Marco discovered Soma Bay for kiters, the bay was still very "empty" - no kitehouse, hardly any hotels, lots of fishermen and terrible "snorkelling tourism" everywhere. The strong morning wind and the huge lagoon convinced Marco to set foot there. He brought a lot of know-how to the south, many ideas that also inspired others and made them successful.

Soma Bay today has a lot of 5* hotels blocking the bay on the coast and unfortunately covering the wind. However, there are still a few oases, out in the bay, where the wind is still stable and blows through!

El Gouna has proven itself over the years as a high culture of international tourism. Here too, hotels and villas have been built everywhere, covering the windy coasts. Fortunately, El Gouna has a large kite community that fights for the last spots.

Kite season

Actually possible all year round, but we don't find cold water so inviting (prefer snow), so we set the season in Soma Bay and El Gouna to March to November. There are usually very good wind conditions then (no/barely any clouds).

Kites / Wind

We fly everything from 3-17 square metres. Soma Bay has stronger winds, but often only until midday, whereas El Gouna has somewhat weaker winds, but mostly all day. Some spots in Soma Bay are good for foiling and for the "party tigers" among you, El Gouna is certainly top!


We have team members and partner schools in both destinations. Our trips to Soma Bay and El Gouna are suitable for all levels from beginner to professional. We communicate with you in advance to find out what is IDEAL for you (hotel/apartment) and are happy to share our experience with you on your trip.

Hurghada Airport

Hurghada is the best airport for our destinations. There are also alternatives available - we are happy to advise. Your kite holidays start before you arrive, we check which flight options are ideal for you and how you can plan your most valuable time of the year in a stress-free and targeted way.

Transfer service

We pick you up with air-conditioned minibuses (with drivers we know) and organise all transfers on arrival/departure day.

Safe escort

Our kite training courses and excursions are accompanied by very experienced guides and are prepared and organised by us. We have stood for top service and safety for over 15 years!

Advice and optimisation

We optimise your holiday time!

With our experience and our local team, we can save you a lot of time, money and nerves. Egypt has many good and unfortunately also many bad experiences to offer - we can at least warn you, prepare you or organise things for you in such a way that you can experience and enjoy the good sides in peace (which we of course recommend!).

Service options

  • Airport transfers (arrival/departure day)
  • Accommodation advice
  • Boat guide and dive/kite guide
  • Beach Service, Launch/Landing & Rescue
  • Shared photos & videos  
  • Up-/Downwinder to Sweet Spots

... even more options

  • Riding tips from the pros/guides
  • Trained and courteous crew
  • Professional Spot/Safety Instructions
  • Snorkelling & Bathing
  • Kite Equipment / Rent
  • Kite Lessons / Coaching

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